Special Programs

1. Introduce your team and your research
- Poster session for introducing members and researches performed by your team.
- Vote for the poster you like the most. (You cannot vote for the poster from your own university.)
- The poster with the most number of stickers will receive a prize.
(Please submit the application form by May 31 through email: inter@theieie.org)

2. New Emerging Technology Session
- Brief discussion on new emerging technologies presented by well-recognized scholars
- Introduction on Japan Branch of IEIE

** If you have any questions about Special Program, please contact at inter@theieie.org

Activities for Entertainment

1. Mission Complete!!
We have a program called "Mission Complete!!" to encourage students to attend the conference and to promote the networking of people. Build a self-organized team and complete various missions listed below. You can earn mileages with photographs proving the completion. Top 5 teams with the most mileages will be awarded at Banquet.

(All photographs should be accompanied by attendee’s name tags to prove their identity and submitted through email: itc.cscc.2017@gmail.com)

- Mission START (1 mile/person): Take a photo in the Photo Zone and submit it with your team name. (The number of members included in a team is not limited.)
- Action.1 (5 mile/photo): Take photos with the invited speakers of Special Sessions or Tutorials after the sessions. Every member in your team should be appeared in each photo.
- Action.2 (1 mile/photo): Make foreign friends and take photos with them. Submit any photo with 2 or more nationalities by your team members.
- Action.3 (1 mile/photo): Take photos with placards and banners with the logo of the ITC-CSCC2017 ( maximum 2 miles ).

** For Action.2 & Action.3, you can earn 1 bonus mile when your supervising professor is included in each photo. Mileage acquisition status for each team will be shared at offline at the registration desk.

2. Make Your Own Luck!!
We run a program called "Make Your Own Luck!!" to encourage attendees to attend sessions. Get as many lottery tickets as possible in two ways as follows to increase your chances of winning a banquet prize:

A. Early-Bird: On the 3rd and 4th of July, a lottery ticket will be provided to each participant attending the first session. Tickets will be distributed 3 minutes before the session starts. (You should not leave the session after receiving the ticket.)
B. Here I am!!: Please make the conference an active forum. Session chairs will give 5 lottery tickets to attendees with active participation.

3. Who is the best photogenic?
Please submit your photo taken in the Photo Zone. Awards will be provided at banquet in three categories as follows.

A. Most participants prize
B. Best pose prize
C. Most funny prize

** If you have any questions about activities for entertainment, please feel free to email us at itc.cscc.2017@gmail.com.